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I’m a relationship coach, attachment theory expert, and creator of the E.S.L. Relationship Method. My mission is to help women get off the dating rollercoaster, raise their self-worth, and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted. I created the Empowered.Secure.Loved. Program because I knew women needed a clear path to secure attachment and love that lasts. With the science of attachment theory, data from hundreds of clients, and my own experiences I created a program that transforms you from lonely, to loved.

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The E.S.L. Relationship Program

My signature 8-Week Program is designed to take you from lonely to loved, confused to empowered, anxious to secure.


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Let’s Get Vulnerable with Dr. Morgan

Do you want relationship advice that actually works? I created the Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast to deliver you high-value content that you can actually put into practice. With over 190 5-star reviews, this podcast is top-rated and packed with advice you need now. I discuss all things attachment theory, communication, dating, and self-worth. Change your life with these short but value-packed episodes; you won’t regret tuning in.


Discover Your Attachment Style

Would you like to take the first step in understanding why you do what you do in relationships? This free quiz uses the science of attachment theory to help you understand your unique attachment style. Your result will be given to you right away so you can begin moving towards secure attachment ASAP!


Successful Women Great Relationships

Have you ever heard: “you can’t have it all?” Are you believing the lie that you can’t be a successful woman and attract the love of your life? Are you living in a false paradigm where you believe you must sacrifice your career for a great relationship? I am here to tell you that: You.Can.Have.It.All. Make sure you join this exclusive Facebook community to receive first access when I offer LIVE free coaching and provide high-value information every single week. You won’t get this content anywhere else!


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