My name is Dr. Morgan Anderson. I am a coach and licensed clinical psychologist. Thank you for stopping by my website today. I am excited you are here because that means you are interested in taking care of yourself and embarking on an incredible opportunity for growth.

My story begins in Ulm, Montana, where I grew up on a farm and learned the values of hard work. It didn’t matter if it was -10 degrees outside, with 6 feet of snow, as a family we were always up before 6am to make sure our horses and dogs were fed before ourselves. From the earliest I can remember, I knew I wanted to help people. In grade school, I was the girl on the playground, sitting cross legged, one-on-one with a friend, wanting to know their story. I believe that as humans our stories are powerful, and they shape us in ways we cannot even begin to fully understand. Knowing that I wanted to listen to as many stories as possible and help people grow and heal, I embarked on a career as a clinical psychologist.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, and my Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon. I underwent 10 years of collegiate course work including an intensive internship and post-doctoral training experience. Graduate school taught me the value of believing that I can do hard things, having a supportive community, and establishing a self-care practice. Completing my doctorate was the most challenging experience of my life, and the most rewarding. I am incredibly grateful to my mentors and to myself for persevering through rigorous training and finally reaching my dream career.

I currently reside in sunny San Diego, where I work as a clinical psychologist in a private group practice. I am living out my dream of helping people heal and become the best versions of themselves. I enjoy time with friends and my Goldendoodle, practicing yoga, and exploring local acai bowl spots. I hope you enjoy the website!

With gratitude,

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Morgan Anderson, Psy. D.



My Mission

I am passionate about serving individuals from all walks of life. Clients I work with are open to self-examination and ready for massive growth in their lives. I serve my clients with an authentic approach that provides support, honesty, and the keys to moving forward. I am a highly trained listener and I take that part of my job very seriously. I strive to truly hear what my clients are saying and I assist them with creating a way forward that makes sense to them. I tailor my coaching services to meet the needs of each client I work with. Examples of the work I do includes helping my clients improve their communication skills, create a mindfulness self-compassion practice, strengthen their romantic relationships, navigate life transitions, and align themselves with their passions.



I am an expert in communication and relationships through my work with couples and extensive training in assertive communication. I believe good communication is the foundation to having healthy relationships. When I say relationships, I am also referring to the relationship you have with yourself, which is ultimately your template for your relationships with others, and your greatest key to success. I completed my dissertation on identity development for gay identified Latino males, and I am fascinated by identity development. In addition, to communication and relationships, I am fluent in Spanish and have extensive training in multicultural awareness. Coaching services are available in Spanish upon request.

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