Empowered. Secure. Loved.

This exclusive 8-week program is designed to take you from lonely to loved, confused to empowered, anxious to secure.


This is for you if...

  • You keep repeating the same old dating patterns again and again each time feeling more frustrated and alone when it doesn’t work out
  • You keep attracting guys who “don’t want to commit” (which makes you want to pull your hair out)
  • You struggle to communicate your needs, and find you “run” when things get difficult
  • You struggle to communicate when in a relationship
    You are tired of being alone and secretly scared you may never “find the one” and die alone
  • You’re tired of watching your friends get married and comparing yourself to them
  • You desire to love yourself (no matter your relationship status)
  • You are sick of dating apps and online dating and wish there was an “easier way”
  • You feel ready to step into the best version of yourself and welcome in a love that lasts a lifetime
  • You find you are often “dating down” and know deep down you deserve better in a partner
  • You’re ready for a total transformation that takes you to the next level of your life

I'm your coach, Dr. Morgan!

I wasn’t always securely attached, confident, and a great communicator. For over a decade of my dating life, I swung from anxiously to avoidantly attached living the nightmare on the dating rollercoaster known as a "disorganized" attachment style. I was a mess in love, and completely ashamed of my inability to find and keep a healthy relationship. After surviving an abusive relationship that ended with me hitting rock bottom self-worth, I KNEW I needed to find a different way. I dedicated my career to studying Attachment Theory and learning how to attract and maintain healthy relationships. Through my own transformation of becoming securely attached, I knew I needed to help other women get off the dating rollercoaster for good, and attract the love they deserve. I am thrilled to be honoring my life’s calling by coaching women to step into their power and become the confident secure version of themselves that is a magnet for healthy love.

The Four Pillars of the E.S.L. Method

In order to fully let go of the past we need to fully understand it. You will complete powerful exercises that uncover your unhealthy dating patterns, and allow you to fully release them. You will also release trauma and past relationship pain.

Your belief system creates your reality. Currently you have beliefs that are blocking love from your life. In this powerful module you will rewire your brain to set you up for success in love.

In this pillar you will learn to harness the power of Attachment theory and apply it to your dating life. You will understand why you do what you do, and why you are attracted to a certain type of guy. You will also learn how to attract a Secure man through embodying a securely attached woman.

In this pillar you will learn the dating tools and strategies that work. You will learn all about relationship pacing, effective communication, healthy conflict navigation, and how to spot red/yellow/green flags. This is a powerful part of the program that will lead you to actually enjoy dating!

Trust me, I get it...

I know what it feels like to be looking everywhere for answers about love. Maybe (like younger Dr. Morgan) you even went to a fortune-teller or two, hoping they’d tell you exactly when your future husband would come into your life…

MAYBE you’re so close to giving up on love altogether, that you have thoughts of giving up on “finding the one” and just focusing on your career, getting a few dogs, and traveling the world…

Hey, if you fill up your life with other things that part inside of you that longs for a healthy partnership will just go away, right? 


Trust me, I tried! Let me be honest here babe–before I found a healthy way forward, I was convinced I’d die alone. And I’d almost accepted it, EXCEPT I knew deep down, I was meant to go through life with a partner by my side. 

Maybe, you know, that no matter what you do, you simply CANNOT keep going about dating the way you are now. Each relationship dumpster fire makes you feel more and more hesitant to get back out there. The baggage is stacking, and you’re terrified of getting hurt again... 

Or maybe you realize that dating just “shouldn’t be THIS hard” and you know that there has to be a quicker and healthier way to attract the partner of your dreams.

If you’re tired of “picking the wrong guy,” self-sabotaging, and being an anxious ball of nerves when it comes to your love life...

I want to step in and offer you a chance to take a fast and empowering path to a healthy relationship with YOURSELF and your love life. Dating should be fun, and if it isn’t...then girl, something is wrong! 

You deserve to feel confident, empowered, and secure in your relationship. Listen to the part of you that knows you deserve high self-worth and great relationships. Commit to this happier, healthier, more in love version of you by applying today for a spot in the E.S.L. Relationship Program.


Client Testimonials

Darci W.

2020 Program Graduate

I have gotten an immense amount of clarity on what I want out of a future partner, where I want to be in the future, and how to communicate my needs. There were so many priceless tools and resources in the program. I am actually no longer attracted to people and behaviors from the past that don’t serve me.


2020 Program Graduate

This program was so helpful with my confidence and communication skills and I believe every woman deserves to feel secure and confident! If you’re tired of feeling like every relationship has been a failure then I encourage you to invest in yourself! Not only will you gain helpful tips on creating self-confidence but you will receive the tools backed by attachment theory science to help you attract the healthy relationship you deserve.


2021 Program Graduate

It feels isolating when you feel like you’re the “only single friend.” With the group sessions, you realize there are other women out there just like you. It was amazing to feel supported and encouraged throughout the program. I felt like this program had come into my life for a reason. It was a financial investment, but I am better for it and would absolutely do it again!

Client Wins

Next Steps

I’m ready to apply...what happens next?

Step 1. Schedule your Breakthrough Session where you will speak with my team to answer any questions you have about the program and ensure it is a good fit for you

Step 2. Fill out the application (this will take 5 minutes and helps myself and my team understand your current situation) 

Step 3. Join the Program and get access to: 

  • Our private E.S.L. members-only Facebook Group.
  • One-on-one coaching.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls.
  • Lifetime access to the E.S.L. online course.
  • Dr. Morgan and the Client Success Team.
  • Exclusive offers for continued support after your 8 weeks.

The time is NOW!

If you know you are ready to take ownership of your dating patterns and stop the heartache once and for all...this program is for you. Don’t spend another second stuck in your current patterns. Take the initiative to apply now and schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Session with our program advisor. Remember, love favors the bold. Take a step toward the empowered, secure, and loved version of you...